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Welcome to BLR

Free Lightwave3D files! Ranging from object to scenes to images and what not. Enjoy!

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Thickener 3.5
Submitted Date 2011/11/21
Submitted by: admin
Rate: 10.0
Hits: 714

[updated version of Thickener - Compatible with LW 9.3 up to LW 11. Both PC and MAC. On the MAC the interactive preview is a bit slower, but works!]

 _______ _   &nbs ...

Recent addition

Lego man
Submitted Date 2014/3/23
Submitted by: admin
Rate: 0.0
Hits: 13

A lego man, made of Lego.

He is wearing a cool T-shirt.Very Happy

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Display publish date :2012/7/21 17:43
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